The Basics

Conservation hunting ranches are small businesses that give outdoorsmen the opportunity to hunt wildlife on private land. Ranchers work hard to breed all kinds of wildlife and to maintain a habitat for them.

Conservation hunting has helped grow the populations of species that are nearly extinct in the wild by up to 2,500 percent. Conservation hunting ranches also help to manage the population of native species such as deer and elk.

The massive amounts of acreage on a conservation hunting ranch are enclosed with fencing in order to protect the animals and land.

There are over 12,000 businesses across America involved in conservation hunting. Conservation hunting is a multi-billion dollar industry that supports scores of species and provides tens of thousands of jobs for Americans.  Most ranch operations are small businesses and many are multi-generational family farm operations.

These ranches offer an opportunity to take part in appreciating and respecting our natural world. Conservation hunting ranches have helped many people enjoy the outdoors. Economic opportunity also overflows from conservation ranches, allowing rural areas and small family farmers to stay afloat in a time of great economic hardship.

For more information and to take a closer look at the statistics, please check out Texas A&M University’s Agricultural and Food Policy Center studies on exotic animal farms and cervid farming.